Du 19 October 2012 au 24 February 2013



Chocol@ts gives pride of place to chocolate in Verviers, the former Wool Capital of the World, and more widely within its surrounding borough, of which Stavelot is a component. Between 1890 and 1964, Verviers, the Walloon pioneer of the chocolate industry, numbered forty chocolate-making firms and they alone had registered over three hundred chocolate brands.
The exhibition is presented in three parts. The first, entitled Chocolate of yesteryear, retraces the history of cocoa and chocolate and the history of many of the region’s firms. Many collector’s items (chromolithographs, packaging, moulds, etc.) enhance the exhibition circuit. The second section, Chocolate today, draws up an inventory of the status of chocolate at the present time. In Verviers, in fact, many master confectioners and chocolate-makers continue to keep the chocolate trade alive and contribute to its new found acclaim. The third and last part of the exhibition is devoted to Chocolate tomorrow and wonders about the chocolate of the future, where chocolate is heading, its development, its innovations, new ways of working …